Mathematical Modelling and Analysis

9th International Conference

May 27 - 29, 2004, Jurmala, Latvia


T.A. Alexandrikova, M.P. Galanin, T.G. Yelenina.
The construction of new quasimonotone schemes for the numerical solution of advection equation

S. Asmuss.
On positive co-monotone histopolation by combined quartic splines

R. Avenhaus.
Applications of inspection games

M. Baravykaitė, R. Čiegis, A. Jakušev, G. Šilko.
Parallelization tools and industrial applications

K. Batrakov, S. Sytova.
Nonstationary stage of quasi-Cherenkov beam instability in periodical structures

M. Belovs, T. Cirulis.
Degenerate matrices methods by splines for boundary values problems of ordinary differential equations

K. Birģelis.
On modeling of temperature distribution within a thin material sheet under conductive-radiative heat transfer

N. Budkina.
On the approximation of a probability density function by smoothing splines

A. Buikis, M. Buike.
Approximate solution for 3D system with fin

A. Buikis, H. Kalis.
The vortex formation in a horizontal finite cylinder by alternating electric current

I. Bula, A. Vintere.
On the population model with a sine function

J. Cepītis, H. Kalis, A. Reinfelds.
Comparison of the numerical methods for the problem arising in the gyrotron theory

O.V. Chtcheritsa, O.S. Mazhorova, Yu.P. Popov.
Implicit numerical algorithm for solution of phase transition problems in multi-component alloys

R. Čiegis.
Stability analysis of nonlinear discrete approximations

J. Dabulyte, F. Ivanauskas, A. Zukauskas.
The modeling of lighting-emitting diodes disposition for obtaining more constant temperature regime

M. Fischer, P. Oja.
Monotonicity and convexity preserving rational spline histopolation

M.P. Galanin, A.P. Lototsky.
The comparison of the mathematical models for electromagnetic acceleration of liner in the laboratory magnetocumulative generator

M. Galanin, E. Savenkov.
Finite superelement method for elasticity problems

T. Garbuza.
On the Fučik spectrum

A. Grakovski, A. Alexandrov.
Spectral method of derivatives numerical calculation in subsurface radar sounding signals digital processing problem

A. Gritsans, F. Sadyrbaev.
The Taylor series expansion coefficients of solutions of the Emden - Fowler type equations

S. Guseinov.
The total error estimate of one regularization method for the solution of first kind operator equations with inexacts both operators and right-hand sides

L. Hacia.
Mathematical modelling in electrotechnics

T. Halfmann, J. Hoffmann, J. Mohring, A. Zemitis.
About a bottleneck model for modeling of gas networks

A. Ilgevičius, H.D. Liess.
Simulation of heat transfer in a multi-wire cable bundle in order to determine its temperature distribution

F. Ivanauskas, R. Baronas, J. Kulys.
Modelling amperometric biosensors acting in a trigger mode

F. Ivanauskas, A. Kareiva, B. Lapcun.
On the modelling of solid-state reactions. Synthesis of YAG

I. Kabashkin.
Discrete event model of maintenance free operating time for aerospace based telematics systems

I. Kaldo, O. Vaarmann.
Some rapidly convergent methods for nonlinear Fredholm integral equation

H. Kalis, I. Kangro.
Increasing of accuracy for engineering calculation of some heat transfer problems in two layer media

V. Keblikas, K. Pileckas.
On the nonstationary Pouselle solution

V.V. Kolmychkov, O.S. Mazhorova, Yu.P. Popov.
3D computer simulation of convective instability in the multicomponent solution

A. Kolyshkin, I. Volodko.
Unsteady intrinsic convection in an annulus

E. Kopytov, F. Tissen, L. Greenglaz.
Inventory control model for the typical railways company with constraints

V. Korzyuk.
Hyperbolic by a prescribed vector field equation and boundary problems

I. Krūminienė.
Analysis of anisotropic variogram models for prediction of the Curonian Lagoon data

A. Krylovas, O. Štikonienė, R. Čiegis, M. Meilūnas.
On the detection of ischemic stroke area boundary

A. Lapanik.
Convection problem in two-dimensional arbitrary regions

O. Lietuvietis, T. Cīrulis.
Small perturbations of free interface dinamics for gas bubble in the magnetic liquid on account of gravitational and magnetic forces

K. Maksymenko.
Mathematical model of placed current of an incompressible viscous liquid in cylindrical pipes having helical inserts

R.L. Martsynkevich.
Monotone economical difference schemes for the heat conduction equation with the boundary condition of the third kind

M. Meilūnas, R. Čiegis, O. Suboč, G. Šilko.
An algorithm for 2D figures skeletonization

J. Mohring, J. Jegorovs.
A third order correction to the Helmholtz equation

S. Ogorodnikova.
Estimations of the number of solutions of the second order autonomous boundary value problems

P. Oja, D. Saveljeva.
Quadratic and cubic spline collocation for Volterra integral equations

S. Pečiulytė, M. Sapagovas, A. Štikonas.
Integral equation for parabolic problem with nonlocal boundary condition

A. Pedas.
Piecewise polynomial approximations for weakly singular integral equations

V. Polevikov.
Numerical study of stability of a magnetic-fluid drop rotating in a nonuniform magnetic field

V. Ponomarjov.
On uniqueness of a solution to nonlinear boundary value problems for two-dimensional system of the first-order differential equations

A. Prokopenya.
Infinite determinant method in studying the stability of Hamiltonian systems with periodic coefficients

T. Riismaa.
Adaptation of convex programming algorithms for solving discrete programming problems

I. Rybak.
Conservative monotone difference schemes for equations with mixed derivatives and variable coefficients

A. Rychahivskyy, Y. Tokovyy.
Reduction of the plane elasticity problem in inhomogeneous strip to solving the integral Volterra type equation

Y. Semerich.
Taking cyclical symmetry into account in analytical description of loci by the R-functions method

N. Sergejeva.
Notes on nonlinear spectra

B. Shvartsman.
Two-sided extrapolation method for increasing the accuracy of numerical solutions

R. Šiugždaite, S. Norvaišas.
Decision engineering in complex social-economical systems using SOC

V. Skakauskas, S. Repsys.
Modelling of a sexual population dynamics

D. Slugin.
On a finite difference scheme for baratropic filling of a viscous gas in a limited region

A. Štikonas, R. Čiegis, M. Meilūnas.
Mathematical modelling of wet pressing in paper machine

O. Štikonienė, M. Sapagovas, A. Štikonas.
Iterative methods for finite difference schemes with nonlocal conditions

O. Suboč, R. Čiegis, A. Krylovas, M. Meilūnas.
Nonlinear diffusion filtering in image processing

I. Tammeraid.
Generalized Riesz method and convergence acceleration

M. Tarang.
Stability of the spline collocation method for Volterra integro-differential equations

G. Vainikko.
Fast solvers of integral equations of the second kind

V. Voytovych, V. Horlatch, H. Shynkarenko.
Displacement-based modelling of acoustic fluid-structure interaction problem: investigation of free vibration

I. Yermachenko.
On solutions of the Emden-Fowler type equation

A. Zemitis, A. Dembovskis, K. Kondratjevs.
Some problems related to the gas supply optimization

E. Zyuzina.
Conservative difference schemes on adaptive grids for wave equation

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