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Read the story and get a general idea.


A young man who lived in London was in love with a beautiful girl. Soon she became his fiancée. The man was very poor but the girl was rich. The young man wanted to make her a present on her birthday. He wanted to buy something beautiful for her, but he had no idea how to do it, as he had very little money. The next morning he went to a shop. There were many fine things there: rings, gold watches, diamonds - but all these things were, too expensive. There was one thing he could not take his eyes off. It was a beautiful vase. That was a suitable present for his fiancée. He had been looking at the vase for half an hour when the manager of the shop noticed him. The young man looked so pale, sad and unhappy that the manager asked what had happened to him.

The young man told him everything. The manager felt sorry for him and decided to help him. A brilliant idea struck him. The manager pointed to the corner of the shop. To his great surprise the young man saw a vase broken into many pieces. The manager said: "I can help you. I shall order my servant to pack it and take it to your fiancée. When he enters the room, he will drop it."

On the birthday of his fiancée the young man was very excited.

Everything happened as had been planned. The servant brought in the vase, and as he entered the room, he dropped it. There was horror on everybody's face. When the vase was unpacked the guests saw that each piece was packed separately.


I Learn and practise the pronunciation of the following vocabulary.

1. broken - saplsts, sasists - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

2. vase - vze - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

3. to be in love - mlt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

4. beautiful - skaists - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

5. fiancée - lgava - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

6. poor - nabags - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

7. rich - bagts - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

8. to make a present - uzdvint - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ }}$

9. on birthday - dzimanas dien - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ 

10. to buy (bought) - pirkt (nopirka) - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

11. he had no idea - viam nebija priekstata - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ 

12. little money - maz naudas - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ }}$

13. a ring - gredzens - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

14. a gold watch - zelta pulkstenis - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ }}$

15. a diamond - briljants - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

16. too expensive - prk drgs - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ }}$

17. suitable - piemrots - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

18. to look at - skatties uz - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{  }}$

19. half an hour - pusstunda - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

20. a manager - vadtjs - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

21. to look pale - izskatties blam - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{

22. sad - skumj, skumgs - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

23. unhappy - nelaimgs - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{  -}}$

24. to happen to smb - kdam gadties - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{  -}}$

25. to feel sorry for smb - just ldz - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ -.}}$

26. to decide - nolemt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

27. to help - paldzt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

28. A brilliant idea struck him. - Viam rads spdoa doma. -
$\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{     .}}$

29. to point to - nordt uz - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{  -}}$

30. to his suprise - par prsteigumu - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ 

31. to order - pavlt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

32. broken into many pieces - sasists drumstals - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{   }}$

33. to pack - iesaiot - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

34. to enter - ienkt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

35. to drop - nomest - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

36. to bring (brought) - atnest (atnesa) - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{
() }}$

37. horror - bailes - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

38. separately - atsevii - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

II Answer the questions.

1. Who was in love with a beautiful girl?

2. Was the boy rich?

3. What did the boy want to buy for the girl on her birthday?

4. Why couldn't he buy the thing he wanted?

5. What things were on sale?

6. Why did the boy look pale, sad and unhappy?

7. Whom did the young man tell everything?

8. What was there in the corner of the shop?

9. What was the manager's idea?

10. Did the servant bring the vase to the girl?

11. Why was there horror on everybody's face?

12. What surprised everybody?

III Read and reproduce the dialogues.


M. Why are you so sad and pale, young man?

B. Oh, I am very unhappy, because I can't make my love a present on her birthday.

M. But why can't you?

B. I have very little money.

M. Let me help you. You see this broken vase, don't you?

B. Sure, but I can't give a broken vase as a present.

M. You know, I'll order my servant to pack it and take it to your fiancée. When he enters the room, he will drop it.

B. Oh, that's a wonderful idea! Thank you very much.


B. Hello, my dear!

G. Hi! I'm happy to see you!

B. Happy birthday to you, my love!

G. Thanks. Your flowers are very nice.

B. Now my present will come. Oh, here it is. (Bang.) What's that?

G. It's quite all right though ...

IY Make up and act out dialogues, using the following vocabulary.

1. Sad, pale, unhappy, to make a present, on birthday, little money, a broken vase, to order, fiancée, to drop, to enter, a wonderful idea.

2. Happy birthday to you!, flowers, present, every piece, to pack, servant, unhappy.

Y Prove it by the facts from the story.

1. The boy loved the girl dearly.

2. The boy was poor.

3. There were very many beautiful things on sale.

4. The manager was a kind man.

5. The servant was a diligent woman.

6. The manager's plan failed.

YI Retell the story according to the given plan.

1. The young man was poor.

2. He loved the girl dearly.

3. The shop was rich and expensive.

4. The manager made up a good plan for the young man.

5. The plan failed.

YII Topics for discussion.

1. Can love do everything? Prove it by the story.

2. Poverty is a very bad thing, isn't it?

3. Who is more independent in life - the rich or the poor?

4. What would you do in the same situation if you were the boy?

5. What would you do if you were the girl?

6. Did they continue to be friends?

7. Were they happy in life?

8. Did the young people marry?

9. Love and money are the strongest things in life, aren't they?

10. Comment on the saying "not for love or money."

nkamais augstk iepriekjais saturs Angu valoda DU TSC
Nkamais: HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Augstk: ang1 Iepriekjais: THE SHIRT