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Read the story and get a general idea.


Jim and Della were a newly married couple. They loved each other but the trouble was that they were very poor. They lived in New York in the suburbs. They had a very small room to live in.

They worked from early morning till late at night but they got very little money for their work.

And yet, they had two treasures. They were: Jim's gold watch and Della's beautiful hair.

New Year's Day was coming. Delta wanted to present Jim with something but she had no money for it. The thought that she could not make a present to her husband made her very unhappy. She sat down on the sofa and began to cry. Suddenly an idea struck her. She got up and went up to the looking-glass. In it she saw her beautiful long hair. Then she left the house and a few minutes later she was at a shop.

"Will you buy my hair?" she asked.

The owner looked at Della's hair and answered: "Yes, I shall give you 20 dollars for it."

Della was very glad. She took the money and went to buy something for Jim. Soon she saw a very beautiful chain. "I shall have it," she said to herself and bought it.

When she came home, Jim had already been there waiting for her. When he looked at his wife he understood everything.

"Why did you do it?" he said.

"Dear Jim, I wanted to give you a present. Here it is!" She gave him the chain that she had bought. But he did not need that present any more. He had sold his watch to make a present to his wife. He took a package out of his pocket and gave it to Della. Opening the package Della saw two beautiful combs.


I Learn and practise the pronunciation of the following vocabulary.

1. a newly married couple - jaunlaultie - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

2. trouble - bdas - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

3. suburbs - nomale - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

4. a treasure - bagtba - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

5. to cry - raudt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

6. an idea struck her - viai pki ienca prt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{  }}$

7. a looking-glass - spogulis - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

8. an owner - panieks - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

9. a watch chain - pulkstea de - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{ 

10. to wait - gaidt - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

11. a present - dvana - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

12. any more - vairk - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

13. to sell (sold) - prdot - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

14. a package - pacia - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

15. a comb - emme - $\text{\selectlanguage{russian}\inputencoding{cp1251}{}}$

II Answer the questions.

1. Where did Jim and Della live?

2. Were they rich?

3. Did they work much?

4. What treasures did they have?

5. What holiday was coming?

6. Why was Della very unhappy?

7. What idea struck her?

8. What did she buy for Jim?

9. Who was waiting for her, when she came home?

10. What did Jim buy for Della?

11. Did she need combs then?

III Read and reproduce the dialogues.


D. How are you, my love!

J. Thank you, O.K.

D. Such a nice holiday is coming!

J. I like the New Year holiday best of all.

D. People give presents to each other on the holiday!

J. They do. What would you like to have as a New Year gift, my dear?

D. Oh, I dream about beautiful combs for my hair.

J. Your hair is wonderful, I'm sure. Perhaps Santa Claus will bring you something nice!

D. How happy I would be!


D. Hi, my darling!

J. Hi, I'm waiting for you!

D. I'm very happy to see you! Look, what present I am going to give you!

J. What a nice watch chain!

D. A Happy New Year, my love!

J. A Happy New Year to you too. This is what Santa Claus has brought for you!

D. What is it? Oh, such fine hair combs! Thank you, my dear!

IY Make up and act out dialogues, using the following vocabulary.

1. How are you?, holiday, best of all, to give presents, to each other, a New Year gift, I'm sure, Santa Claus, to be happy.

2. My darling, I am going to, a watch chain, a Happy New Year, for you, a hair comb.

Y Prove it by the facts from the story.

1. Jim and Della loved each other very much.

2. They were poor.

3. They wanted to give each other presents on the New Year.

4. They had only two treasures.

5. A very good idea struck Della.

6. Jim did his best to make Della happy.

7. Jim and Della were poor but happy!

YI Retell the story according to the given plan.

1. Jim and Della were a newly married couple.

2. They worked from early morning till late at night but were very poor.

3. They had two treasures.

4. Della wanted to present Jim with something.

5. Della sold her hair.

6. She was happy to buy a present for Jim.

7. Jim also made a present to Della.

8. Jim and Della loved each other.

YII Topics for discussion.

1. Love can work miracles, can't it?

2. What would you do in their places?

3. How do you like their deeds?

4. Do you like to get gifts on holidays?

5. What presents do you like to give to your friends and relatives?

6. What's your best holiday? Why?

7. Do you remember any analogical cases from your life?

nkamais augstk iepriekjais saturs Angu valoda DU TSC
Nkamais: THE SICK MAN Augstk: ang1 Iepriekjais: A DILEMMA